Takin’ It Easy in Destin

Vacations are for having fun and enjoying your time away from work.

Some people like to plan every minute with activities. Others prefer a little more laid back vacation where they just chill out and relax.

Either way you shouldn’t have any problem takin’ it easy in Destin at The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference center!

Are you someone who enjoys waking up early and hitting the beach to look for seashells? There are plenty of people who love to do that. Some of course prefer to sleep late, have their coffee on the balcony and watch the world go by.

The beauty is you don’t have to do either one, you can do what you feel like doing on vacation. Maybe you prefer to get up and watch a movie, eat breakfast late and then go for a dip in the pool. Who is stopping you?

Do what you want! You are takin’ it easy in Destin.

The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference center is the perfect place to take it easy. The atmosphere here is low key, no pressure, very laid back. We want our guests to enjoy their stay and come back again and again.

We are a beautiful resort just a short walk from the most gorgeous beaches around. We can’t say we are just like everyone else around here because we are not.

We offer a luxurious resort close to the beach with every accommodation you need to take it easy and enjoy your stay here.

Call us today for more information on rates and availability at 877-44-RESORT.

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