Pack Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags!

Emerald Coast boardwalk by The Palms.


At the Palms of Destin, the premier resort in Destin, Florida specializing in affordable luxury, we know that the amazingly pristine beaches of the Emerald Coast are some of the most beautiful on earth, and we think it’s time you did too!


Spending time relaxing on our pure white shoreline, gazing out at an endless blue horizon, is so beneficial to a healthy mind that the term ‘Beach Therapy’ has been accurately used to describe the lasting effects. The beaches of the Gulf coast in Northwest Florida, are hands down, the best place to get your dose of ‘Blue Space‘ and here’s why:


Quartz crystal sand, the whitest and softest on the planet, and some of the clearest, warmest water anywhere, combine to create an environment that dazzles the senses, and is unparalleled in its therapeutic effects.


The soul soothing beauty of our natural areas supports a robust ecology system, teeming with life, both in and out of the water. Dolphins, sea turtles, manatees are common sights and a wide diversity of fish species, some of which can be seen nowhere else on earth, make our piece of paradise popular with anglers and divers alike.


With so much protected land, our birds and other native animals thrive, bringing in flocks of bird watchers and nature lovers from across the globe. Among the places to see on the Emerald Coast, including Henderson State Park and Turkey Creek Natural Area, visitors will also enjoy beating the heat with a dip in the cool waters of Vortex Springs, surrounded by lush foliage and exotic blooms.


For the more active outdoor adventurer, miles of untouched freshwater creeks and rivers, like those at Blackwater State Park, provide hours of entertainment canoeing, kayaking or simply floating down leisurely with a cooler in tow. Other activities nearby include jet skiing, parasailing, golfing or a trip to Big Kahunas, the coolest waterpark on the Gulf coast.


For the air condition lovers, spend some time perusing the charming shops and fine restaurants which call our coastal retreat home.

So this summer, come explore the natural beauty of the Emerald Coast with those you love and let your cares be washed away by our warm, crystal clear surf while you create memories that will last a lifetime. After all, tans may fade, but your family’s memories of time spent at The Palms of Destin and our stunning beaches, never will.


Call The Palms of Destin, specializing in affordable luxury, to learn more about the our area and to book your stay, complete with the services and amenities you deserve. We guarantee to exceed your expectations when you are visiting our outstanding beaches. 1-877-44-RESORT! Hurry, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner! Time to pack your bags!

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