Escape to Paradise at The Palms in Destin

What Makes For a Great Vacation in Your Mind?

Is it great friends getting together for drinks and dinner after spending a fabulous day at the beach?  Is it lying by the pool and only getting up once in awhile to refill your drink or cool off the perspiration by jumping in the pool?

Perhaps a great vacation to you is simply being able to take your time getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee or enjoying a glass of juice without having to rush around getting ready for work.  That would be followed by reading the paper at your leisure and maybe sitting out on the balcony for a couple of hours.  If you want to.

An outstanding vacation adventure is not beyond your reach.  Even if you have limited financial ability with planning and creativity you can experience the vacation of a lifetime. If you want to.

In fact, most of us can do more than we really think we can if only we will reach for it, work towards it and not give up until we have it.

Think You Can Do That?

Sure, some don’t have to give a second thought to doing anything they want at any time and for those of you, congratulations, enjoy, share and be happy.

For the rest of us not so fortunate don’t shake your head in dismay.  Start planning today for YOUR Palms vacation and make it happen!

Get your plans rolling, pinch your pennies, put them back because good times are waiting for you right here at The Palms of Destin.

If you want to, start by calling us today and find out more information at 877-44-RESORT

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