The Cycle of Life


All beach creatures, great and small, serve a purpose in the great scheme of things.

Even Jellyfish.

From time to time in coastal communities, jellyfish appear. It is a part of the natural cycle of life for the most part.

So, what is a jellyfish?

Surreal and beautiful sea creatures which elicit awe and sometimes fear, the jellyfish is an important food source for many higher form sea life such as the many majestic and endangered sea turtles which make their nests along the Emerald Coast and the Eastern Seaboard.

While Moon Jellies may be the most commonly identifiable, there are also many other types which can be found occasionally in our neck of the ocean.

Cabbage Head Jellyfish, Portuguese Man-O-Wars, Water Jellies, Sea Nettles and Pink Meanies are some others.

The best type of jellyfish to come across is the Water Jelly.

With no sting and occasional bioluminescence, these are the safest and most fun to find. Moon jellyfish and Cabbageheads are also mostly harmless and quite beautiful.

Also beautiful, but not harmless, are the Man-O-Wars, Nettles and, obviously, those Pink Meanies.

Like all coastal areas, sometimes jellyfish are brought on or close to shore by currents or winds. Therefore, it is important to have a cursory knowledge of what to do should you encounter them.

  1. First – It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are unsure what kind of jelly you are looking at, don’t touch it. As with any creature, you are probably best giving it some personal space regardless of its danger – or lack thereof.
  2. Second – Alert the hotel staff or authorities if you spot anything unusual. We have experts in the area who specialize in identifying these issues and assessing any risk. We take our residents’ and visitors’ safety quite seriously.
  3. Third – While there are certain sunblocks and lotions you may use to repel jellyfish, and the chances of an encounter are not very high at all, if you are stung, know that most will be mild skin irritations. More severe reactions can occur however, from the more venomous species or personal allergic reactions. While you could try the Monica from Friends method of pain relief, we advise that you seek medical attention if you are at all concerned.

Enjoying the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast is the same as enjoying any other wild place in nature. It is always paramount to understand your surroundings from the beautiful to the treacherous in order to be best prepared to get the most from your visit.

For any concerns or questions regarding sea life or wildlife safety in the Destin area, consult with our knowledgeable concierge staff for more information. We are here every day to ensure that you have the best and safest visit to our beautiful coastline.


“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton

Known for some of the most spectacular sunset viewing in Florida, Destin offers a variety of choices for watching the day fade away. Want to sip a margarita on a beach front deck or take a leisurely stroll as you bid goodnight to Mr. Sun? We have definitely got you covered.

Watching the sun go down is a tradition here!

Don’t think the view ends when the last light of day fades in a blazing glory of reds, pinks and purple hues behind those emerald blue-green waters, however.

The night sky viewed from our sandy beaches is an experience all its own. With an average of 343 sunny days per year, our night skies are usually just as clear and beautiful.

Bring a picnic and prepare to be amazed!

Our helpful staff are always on hand to help with directions or transportation to Henderson State Park, or any one of the many ideal sunset viewing and stargazing locations that line our sandy shores.

Call 877-447-3767 today to learn how we can help you enjoy the perfect romantic sunset or stargazing experience to make your stay at The Palms of Destin Resort and Conference Center the best vacation of your life!



At The Palms of Destin, we’ve got just a little bit of everything you could want.

Are you tired of the daily grind? Wouldn’t you enjoy a day of doing nothing but relaxing at the beach?  How about grabbing a prepacked cooler from our general store and heading out to the beach for the afternoon.

We have our own tropical paradise here at The Palms.  Want to spend an afternoon lounging around the lagoon pool? There are waterfalls for the kids to splash in. There is nothing like the feel of the sun on your skin and a refreshing dip in the pool afterwards.

While you’re at it grab a Margarita from the bar.  Later, go back to your condo and change or lunch which you can enjoy right here at our full service restaurant.

Whatever your interests are there is plenty to do in the Destin area.  We’re just minutes away from one of the best Waterparks in the country, Big Kahunas. Have a blast on exciting water slides, thrill rides, coasters, cars to drive, miniature golf, there’s a little something for everyone.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  The Palms is convenient to shopping and restaurants galore.  If you want to spend the day browsing the shops head on down to The Destin Commons.  You will find so much to do here you won’t know where to begin.

Come find out what life is all about in Destin at The Palms of Destin, the place to be.

Call today for more information on rates and availability at  877-447-3767.


Florida’s climate is perfect for producing a wide range of blossoms for honey bees to create some of the best honey in the world.

With approximately 205,000 honeybee colonies, Florida ranks third in U.S. honey production behind California and North Dakota. Yielding an average 98 pounds of honey per colony, Florida produced more than 20 million pounds of honey in 2013.

Families can  enjoy taking a trip to one of the nearby Honey Farms, where they can take a guided tour, complete with protective clothing of course, and see how the honey they enjoy is harvested. Your crew will also learn many amazing facts about this sticky nectar of the Gods, including tons of useful tips on how to use honey in your everyday life.

To experience the taste of our local Florida honey, with its slightly salty, citrus undertones, try this amazing recipe from the amazing chefs at Brick and Spoon



  • 8 large eggs
  • 3 ½ cups whole milk
  • 2 ¼ cups sugar
  • 1 ½ cups whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1-pound loaf cinnamon-swirl bread, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • ½ cup Florida honey
  • Butter
  • 13x9x2-inch glass baking dish.


Whisk eggs in large bowl to blend. Add milk, sugar, cream, Florida honey and vanilla; whisk to blend well. Stir in bread. Pour mixture into prepared baking dish. Cover and refrigerate 2 hours. Preheat oven to 350°F. Bake pudding uncovered until puffed and golden, about 1 hour 15 minutes. Cool slightly (pudding will fall). Serve warm with Fresh Florida Fruit. Serves 12.

For more tips, recipes and ideas for your family’s time on the spectacular beaches of the Emerald Coast and charming Destin Florida, be sure to make your next reservation with the caring, friendly staff at the incomparable Palms of Destin

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Who doesn’t need a vacation?

To help you start planning your next getaway to our emerald green seas and white sandy beaches, we have gathered some resources to help you plan your trip to correlate with our special event that interest you most.

Be sure to check these sites often as new events are added or existing events updated to reflect changes.

Emerald Coast Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s Things To Do/ Upcoming Events Calendar

The Emerald Coast Convention and Visitor’s Bureau keeps a very up to date list of events and things to do around Destin and the surrounding areas.

Destin Area Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar

The Destin Chamber of Commerce listing is always chock full of ideas for things to do this weekend and beyond.

Trip Smarter Destin Calendar of Events

Trip Smarter keeps a good annual calendar to help you plan your trip.

Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar

The nearby Ft. Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce lists things to do in Okaloosa County and surrounding communities.

I Love Destin Blog Events and Calendar

The I Love Destin Blog has an excellent, if sometimes limited, event listing with excellent commentary.

City of Destin Events Calendar

While not as flashy as the others, the City of Destin site will keep you up to date with city sponsored events. Events Calendar

Our website lists things to do in nearby Walton County along the stretch of Scenic Highway 30A.

Happy Planning!